Working With Colour In

The Studio


So, you're probably wondering what on earth i'm going on about? My idea was simple, unlike the procedure we had to go through to achieve it. I wanted to have one subject, the bamboo box, then using a mode on my camera called "Multi exposure" (which basically takes multiple photos but all as one image), using this we would create one thin strip of light from the high powered studio lights, by blocking parts on each side with a piece of black card, as well as doing this we would then place over the strip of light a sheet of coloured plastic, this would create coloured light on an individual part of the box, we would then repeat this several times over, moving the black card slightly along each time.


A friend of mine at St Austell college was taking photos in the studio for that weeks task, so I popped in to see if he wanted any help or ideas with his set up. Whilst in the studio, helping him set up different coloured plastic sheets in front of the bright lights an idea emerged that I just had to try, just to see how it would turn out.

So we finished off what he was doing, then straight after set up a small self-contained area in the corner of the room, with two of the studio lights in the back as shown and one spot light at the front, to give detail to the subject in the foreground. We used a small bamboo box as the subject, with intricate small woven parts and just nice patterns and textures all over really.   



This is then what we ended up with, after many, many attempts!  But we where both happy with it, we had only used 3 colours in the end, red, green and blue, but because we had over-lapped them just the right amount the colours bled into one another, which was just what I had in mind to begin with, a rainbow effect! All we needed now was to find the best way of lighting the subject itself, giving as much attention and detail to the box as possible, because the multi-coloured background almost entirely absorbs the image. 

I continued to spend the rest of that late afternoon/evening on Lightroom and Photoshop, photo editing software that I use to make minor tweaks and adjustments to get my image to exactly how I envisioned it in the first place. Below you'll see what we ended up with, for something that doesn't come quite so naturally to me and that isn't a passion, unlike landscape and wildlife, I think we did an alright job, it's something slightly different for the portfolio! 

Life in colour finished piece.jpg